• Delivery is subject to delay caused by riot, flood, accident, government law, regulation or order. and any other cause beyond Seller’s control, or by delay of subcontractor for any such cause. Seller reserves the right at its election, to extend the time for making delivery for a period equal to such delay, terminate delivery, or cancel the contract for any such cause. Seller shall not be liable or responsible for delays or failure of shipment cause by Buyer or arising from any cause beyond Seller’s control. NO CANCELLATIONS PERMITTED AFTER SHIPMENT OF GOODS, OR FOR NON-INVENTORY ORDERS.
  • Price is subject to change without notice and will be adjusted to Seller’s price in effect at time of shipment.
  • Buyer assumes liability for all taxes which are or may become applicable to this transaction. Prices do not include any taxes unless so specified on quotation or on acknowledgement of order.
  • Each shipment shall be a separate sale and, upon Buyer’s failure to give shipping instructions promptly or to pay for any shipment, Seller may cancel the order or suspend delivery at its option.
  • No returns will be accepted after thirty (30) days from invoicing date. For credit or returns within thirty days of invoice date, Buyer must have written approval prior to return. Merchandise shipment must be prepaid. A restocking charge will be applied to all returned merchandise (NOT TO EXCEED 25%)
  • LIMITED WARRANTY: Our products are warranted, as per the manufacturer’s warranty, for a period of 30 days from date of delivery to be free from defects in material and workmanship provided Buyer, within this warranty period, gives Seller written notice of any claim under this warranty and promptly returns the product prepaid in accordance with Seller’s written authorization. Seller will, at its sole election thereafter, refund the purchase price or repair or replace such product found, under the terms of this warranty, to be defective or not within Buyer’s specifications. This warranty does not include nor does Seller assume responsibility for defects or damage caused by misuse, abuse, alterations, service or repair by other, or failure to properly maintain this product.
  • Our liability in respect of or consequent upon any error in shipping or error in order entry or defect in material or workmanship whether in original or replace material or workmanship is limited to replacement only and does not extend to any other expenditure incurred by the Buyer or to any loss of profit, cost of replacement elsewhere or expense or any other loss or damage whatsoever consequential or otherwise suffered or incurred by the Buyer.
  • Any comments or advice given by Seller pursuant to Buyer’s request and relating to application or load bearing suitability are on a strictly gratuitous basis for persons having skills in use of this product and Seller shall not be liable nor does Seller assume responsibility for Buy acting in reliance thereon. No representative of the Seller is authorized to make any warranties, promises, or representations as to the products sold by it. No waiver or modifications of these terms or conditions shall be valid unless signed by an officer on its behalf.
  • Title 1 Truth in Lending Act, Federal Consumer Protection Act, Dynamic Fastener Service, Inc. invoices/statements are subject to finance charges for late payment. This charge is computed at A MONTHLY RATE OF 1 1/2% of the total past due balance at any time. The past due balance includes any charges remaining unpaid fifteen (15) days after the issuance of the invoice on which the charge was first billed. Buyer is liable for all legal cost if this account is placed for collection. All disputes to be governed by Missouri Law. A service charge of $25.00 will be charged on all returned checks. A handling charge of up to $10.00 will be charged on all orders totaling less than $30.00 of merchandise.

A handling charge of $5.00 will be added to each invoice in which product was shipped by us.

If your account is current, Dynamic Fastener Service, Inc. will make no finance charges whatsoever.