Dynamic Fastener’s DYNA-GUARD® snow retention system is a continuous rail-system designed to be used on metal roofs. This rail system can be easily installed on a new construction project or retrofitted to an existing metal roof.

Dyna-Guard is an 8 foot long extruded aluminum stick with a T-shape profile. Simply insert a 2″ wide painted strip of metal from the same material as the roof to maximize roof line aesthetics and to provide year protection from devastating snow and ice avalanches. Dyna-Guard rails are available in pre-punched & unpunched, with the holes on pre-punched rails every 4″, 6″, or 8″.

Dyna-Guard rails are attached to the standing seams with DYNA-CLAMPS®. A variety of Dyna-Clamps are available to accommodate many different profiles of standing seam metal roofs. When Dyna-Clamps cannot be used, other components, such as DYNA-CORR™ and DYNA-MOUNTS™, are available to install Dyna-Guard.

All Dyna-Guard components are extruded from aircraft quality, high tensile aluminum “6005A T61 Aluminum”. All of these components are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Dyna-Guard should only be installed after proper design work has been done by an engineer, architect, installer &/or building owner. Before installing Dyna-Guard, make certain that the roof & building can withstand the load and forces that will be exerted on this snow retention system. This load will be completely transferred to the building structure.

Animation demonstrating how Dyna-Guard Snow Retention is installed on a typical standing seam roof.

Installed Dyna-Guard
Example of installed Dyna-Guard on a trapezoidal standing seam metal roof. Here the rails are fastened to the seams using DC-U universal Dyna-Clamps. Sno-Dams are installed between each seam to inhibit snow and ice from sliding under the Dyna-Guard.
Dyna-Guard on duty inhibiting snow avalanches.

Attention Architects & Specifiers

If you are an architect or specifier, please visit Dynamic Fastener’s ARCAT page for CSI 3 part specifications and CAD details on Dyna-Guard products.


Dyna-Clamps are an essential component for mounting Dyna-Guard and can be used with a variety of other attachments to standing seam metal roofs. They are non-ferrous, non-piercing, and have gone extensive third party testing by the esteemed Encon Technology in Tulsa, OK. Dyna-Clamps come pre-packaged with stainless steel round-point setscrews (that won’t pierce the panels), stainless steel bolts, and 1 driver for the setscrews per box.

The most popular and versatile clamp is the DC-U, which can be positioned in 4 orientations, which allows for use on a variety of vertical and horizontal seam panels (pictured below). It is designed to fit approximately 85% of standing seam roof profiles in North America. Plus, the clamp can be positioned such that the bolt can be up slope or down slope, depending on your application.

In addition to the versatile DC-U, Dynamic Fastener has 12 other Dyna-Clamps to accommodate many different profiles of standing seam metal roofs.


Another essential component of Dyna-Guard are Sno-Dams, which inhibit the ability of snow and ice to slide under Dyna-Guard. They slide on the back of Dyna-Guard rails from either end and it is necessary that they are installed between every seam of the roof. Retro-fit Sno-Dams are also available, which are designed to be firmly pressed onto the back of previously installed Dyna-Guard and then secured with a supplied screw.

All Sno-Dams are 3″ wide and can cover seam heights anywhere between 1″ to 3″. Sno-Dam 2’s are for seam heights of 1″ to 2″ and Sno-Dam 3’s are for seam heights of 1-3/4″ to 3″.

Other Dyna-Guard Components

DYNA-CLIPS® are used as an option to attach unpunched Dyna-Guard to Dyna-Clamps. Dyna-Clips are necessary to use if the roof seams are not divisible by 4” or 6”, or if the Dyna-Guard is not being installed perpendicular to the seams.

DYNA-CORR™ is a mounting attachment used to attach unpunched Dyna-Guard or practically anything to 7/8″ or 3/4″ corrugated roofing.

DYNA-MOUNTS™ are used as an attachment device to secure Dyna-Guard or practically anything to almost any exposed fastener trapezoidal metal roof. These mounts are offered in two different heights: 1.86″ and 2.65″.

DYNA-GUIDE™ is a proven time and labor saving when unpunched Dyna-Guard is being installed, if Dyna-Clips are not being used. After the Dyna-Clamp is attached to the standing seam, simply rest the Dyna-Guide on top of the clamp and drill a 3/8″ hole using the hole on the guide. Two Dyna-Guides are available for use with DC-U, DC-NF, & DC-DF clamps.

For more information on DYNA-GUARD® snow retention,

open pages 66 – 69 of our 2023 Hand Guide

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DYNA-GUARD installation instructions are also available for detailed steps and tools required.