For information on DYNA-GUARD® snow retention,

open pages 66 – 69 of our 2021 Hand Guide

or shop DYNA-GUARD® online

DF Dyna-Guard snow retention
An overview of the Dyna-Guard snow retention system and the main components used in the installation of the system; from our yearly Hand Guide.
DF Dyna-Guard snow retention
CAD details and specifications on our ARCAT page as well as examples of Dyna-Guard installed and on duty.
DF Dyna-Clamps
Dyna-Clamps® are a non-piercing clamp used to mount Dyna-Guard to standing seam roofs. They are extruded from aircraft quality, hight tensile aluminum “6005A T-61 aluminum”. The clamps can also be used to mount various materials to standing seam roofs.
DF Dyna-Guard components
Sno-Dams® inhibit the ability of snow and ice to slide under installed Dyna-Guard. Other components are available to install Dyna-Guard on a variety of roofs as well as tools to help with the installation of Dyna-Guard

For more details review our DYNA-GUARD installation instructions